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Welcome to

The Coffee Cup


Welcome to The Coffee Cup

We are a family owned coffee shop and bakery.   We have many sweet treats made right here in our kitchen.

Lesa Winegar, owner of The Coffee Cup, has been baking up treats for years. As she helped train her four children through life, she spent hours making them goodies, as well as other family members and friends. She always dreamed of having her own bakery, but it never became a reality. However, everyone LOVED her baked goods, from sugar cookies to pumpkin rolls, and pretty soon friends and family started asking her to sell those goodies to them. So, as her children grew, she sold cookies, and such made from scratch from her kitchen under the Cottage Law.

Fast forward, the children are grown, and she and Brian, her husband, began to embark on a new journey – making Lesa’s dream come true! In 2019, they found a little place on Linden Avenue in Zanesville, Ohio to rent. However, it needed to be gutted – from floor to ceiling. They had to take everything out of it showing dirt floors and ceiling beams. Then 2020 hit – the Covid Era affected their timeline. Things were not going quite as planned. After fighting through all the barriers, passing all the required inspections, Brian and Lesa were finally ready to open their shop, making a dream a reality on October 21, 2021!

The Coffee Cup, Lesa’s dream from years ago, was finally open and prospering. She had more customers at the beginning than she had ever dreamed she would have! At any time, Tuesday through Saturday, you can find people mingling in the shop, eating cinnamon rolls, and drinking a latte. People come to do work, do homework, and enjoy a bit of baked good heaven. It isn’t just the baked goods and coffee that draw people, but that feeling of home – quaint, peaceful, joyful.